Frequently Asked Questions

I want to start a podcast. Can the BAAB Culture Podcast Network help?

At this time, our podcast network is only hosting up and running podcasts. We hope to have a podcast launch program in the future. 

I just started my podcast and only have a few episodes. Can I apply to the network?

Yes, any up and running podcast can apply to the BAAB Culture Podcast Network. We ask that you have at least 5 episodes of content that we can evaluate to apply for our network. This better helps us understand your unique perspective and voice.

What type of podcast are you looking for?

BAAB Culture is a brand that uplifts, honors, and celebrates Blackness and Brownness in the arts and culture world. We are seeking podcasts that center these stories with their own unique perspectives. So if you have a unique perspective on the arts and culture world, we want to support you!

What is the criteria to join your podcast network?

We are seeking current podcasts that:

  1. Understands and engages its audience through conversation
  2. Is knowledgeable about the arts and culture sector
  3. Is able to compartmentalize information without overwhelming their audience
  4. Has unique guests and interviews
  5. Is authentic and has a clear vision
  6. Aligns with the BAAB Culture’s primary principle of Ujaama

How is the BAAB Culture Podcast Network different?

The BAAB Culture Podcast Network stands on the principle of Ujamaa, cooperative economics & community. We seek to support podcasts by expanding your audience reach through your social media and communications strategy, give a stipend for production to ensure high quality podcast production, and find sponsors to increase economic income for podcasters. We will also host your podcast on our network website and podcast outlets.

My podcast is on another network. Can I still be a part of BAAB Culture Podcast Network?

You can still host your podcast on your platforms, however, we ask that there is some content hosted on our network that is exclusive. That means we shouldn’t be able to find those selected content on any other platform.

Will BAAB Culture Podcast Network own my content?

Your content is your intellectual property. We only ask that the shows submitted follow the guidelines that we have for high production quality. We have a production program for our BAAB Culture Podcasters to make sure that your podcasts meet our standards.

If we aren’t accepted to the network this round can we apply for the next round?

Of course. We will provide feedback to those who are not selected to be a part of the network so that you can resubmit your application with adjustments. However, we don’t want you to edit your own perspectives and voice because of our recommendations, continue to be true to yourself and your audience. 

I’m not a podcaster but interested in being a partner or sponsor. Who do I connect with?

Send us an email at and we’ll be more than happy to connect.

Do you partner with podcast events?

In the future we will! As of right now, we want to focus on our vision of expanding Black and Brown voices in the arts and culture world.

I have a question that isn’t answered here. Who do I contact?

Send an email to

How can I stay connected with the BAAB Culture Podcast Network?

Be sure to check out or follow us on instagram @baabculture

Let’s build together.

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