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The Mass Exodus ft. Tellie Simpson Black Arts Admin B*tch Podcast

Quanice sits down with Tellie Simpson (@agirlinamuseumworld) to discuss grown ass adults destroying students’ art because they felt “attacked”, archiving family history, and “taking our talents back to south beach”….all while sippin' wine! Links:Groundswell School Incident –’s follow up message –—.html?soid=1101372656050&aid=yFDPUofSrn0“Guarding the Art” at the BMA – Hannah-Johns Statement to Whypipo:
  1. The Mass Exodus ft. Tellie Simpson
  2. Shut the Fuck Up and Listen ft. Ashraf Hasham
  3. Run Us Our Shit ft. Jen Deerinwater
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  5. Unapologetic Episode | We Need to Get Free
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  8. Don't Get Tokenized, Y'all ft. Cori Dioquino
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  10. You'll Never Forget Your First ft. Durell Cooper
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