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Protect Ya Neck ft. Karla Estela Rivera Black Arts Admin B*tch Podcast

Quanice sits down with Karla Estela Rivera (@kestelarivera) to discuss issues happening in the Chicago arts sector, partnering with Lin-Manuela Miranda (@lin_manuel), voyeurism in field, and making sure folks of the global majority protect our necks!  Links:Steppenwolf Theatre’s New Arts and Education Center is a ‘love letter to Chicago’ – Chicago museum 'fired' its volunteers. Why diversity consultants say it was the right move –‘Hamilton’ Creator Partners With Posse Foundation to Mentor Arts Students – of Inclusion in Theatre Need to be more than Symbolic Positions – Space or Taking Space Report –
  1. Protect Ya Neck ft. Karla Estela Rivera
  2. The Mass Exodus ft. Tellie Simpson
  3. Shut the Fuck Up and Listen ft. Ashraf Hasham
  4. Run Us Our Shit ft. Jen Deerinwater
  5. Unapologetic Episode | We Need to See Each Other
  6. Unapologetic Episode | We Need to Get Free
  7. Touch and Change ft. Courtney Harge
  8. Unapologetic Episode | We are the Ones We've Been Waiting For ft. Dasha Kelly Hamilton
  9. Don't Get Tokenized, Y'all ft. Cori Dioquino
  10. Unapologetic Episode | Pure Re-Imagination
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